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What We Do

KSF has worked with businesses, educational institutions and non-profit organizations to articulate their vision, refine their structure and operations, and then connect them to resources such as service providers, suppliers, grantor agencies, foundations, individual donors and volunteers.

         The Key Success Factors team assists clients with strategic planning, executive coaching, cash flow management and competitive positioning to achieve the most profitable mix of clients, products or services.

Build Capacity

Key Success Factors provides the following services: strategic planning, board development, staff training, proposal writing, and fund development. Through strategic partnerships, we access experts in branding, website creation, press and media relations, as well as staffing for bookkeeping and financial management.

Create Connections

Karen Stanley Fleming is an entrepreneur, business strategist and community organizer. She is a trusted advisor to small business owners and non-profit agency executives. Her track record is based on a superb ability to articulate a shared vision, build core competencies, and make connections.

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